Live and Let Live: A Critique of Intellectual Tolerance

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-3-662-64040-1 | EPUB PDF | 137 pages | 2 MB

Tolerance – desired by many and often demanded. But what exactly does it mean to be tolerant? Does tolerance imply rejection? Or is tolerance merely the opposite of dogmatism? And how does a tolerant attitude differ from an indifferent one? Starting from a well-founded explication of the concept of tolerance, Dominik Balg subjects a tolerant attitude as an intellectual attitude toward conflicting opinions to a detailed critique, discusses the plausibility of general demands for tolerance, and considers possible alternatives – sometimes with thoroughly surprising results.
This book is a translation of the original German 1st edition Leben und leben lassen by Dominik Balg, published by J.B. Metzler, an imprint of Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature in 2020. The translation was done with the help of artificial intelligence (machine translation by the service A subsequent human revision was done primarily in terms of content, so that the book will read stylistically differently from a conventional translation. Springer Nature works continuously to further the development of tools for the production of books and on the related technologies to support the authors.

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